Add notes with the flick of a wrist

If you have an Apple Watch you know all those moments where you just don’t want to (or can’t) take your phone out of you pocket. The Revere Watch app let’s you add notes easily with your voice with your Watch. And with the complication, Revere is one-tap away from your watch face.


To install, open the Apple Watch app on your phone, scroll down to Revere, and tap ‘Install’

Setting up the complication

To setup the complication, follow these steps.

  1. With the watch face showing, firmly press the display

  2. Tap Customize, then swipe left until you can’t (the number of swipes differs by watch face)

  3. Tap a complication to select it, then turn the Digital Crown to choose Revere

  4. When you’re finished, press the Digital Crown to save your changes

  5. The complication is now on your watch face

Apple Watch-Adding Complication.png

Using the app

Simply tap the complication and start speaking. Tap ‘Done’ when you’re done and the note will be saved to your Note Inbox.

Using the Chrome Extension

For those of us who work at desks, a notepad is priceless for jotting down an idea or todo before it slips our mind. The Revere Chrome extension is designed to be your notepad for your notes about people.

Installing the extension

1) In the Chrome browser, go to the download page and click “Add to Chrome”

Add to Chrome-extension.png

2) The extension appears in the top right of your browser. Now just log in and start adding notes. All your notes will be added to the Note Inbox in the mobile app. The Chrome extension is currently only for adding notes.



And start adding notes

And start adding notes

Pro Tip – Entering multiple notes quickly

The Chrome extension supports the [Tab] and [Enter] keys for navigating to the save button. When you’ve typed a note, just hit [Tab] then [Enter] to save the note and you’re ready to add another one.


Pro Tip – Set a keyboard shortcut

Productivity nerds might know about this one but you can set a keyboard shortcut for any Chrome extension. This is particularly useful for Revere because you can literally add a note in a few seconds without taking your hands off the keyboard. Here’s how…

Chrome Extension-Keyboard shortcut.gif

Using Revere for groups

Group support in Revere is coming so until then here’s a useful way to remember groups of people with the app. The best way to explain it is with an example.

Let’s say you have a dog that you take to the local dog park. You meet a lot of people there but don’t know most of them well, so they’re harder to remember. So, in Revere, create a new person but name it “Dog Park Folks” and add one note for every person (like in the example here) instead of creating a separate person for each one. You now have one place with all the people you might meet when going to the park (or party, or conference, etc.).

Bonus Tip: On your way to the park, party, event… search for your note to quickly refresh your memory before you get there.

Bonus Tip #2: (Dog park only) Include the dog’s name with emoji.

Groups-Dog Park People.gif

Add notes with your voice

If you don’t have a naturally good memory for remembering people, half the battle is taking a note before you forget.

Siri is perfect for this. As you’re walking out of a meeting, pull out your phone and dictate a note or two. No unlocking and getting distracted, no standing on the sidewalk typing. Just talk and save to Revere and carry on with your day. 

General Siri Tip: To dictate a note without getting interrupted by Siri, simply hold down the home/side button (the one you press to activate Siri) until you’re done talking. As long as you’re holding it, Siri will listen patiently until you let go.

Use Siri with Revere.gif

Snooze to never forget

Sometimes you’re busy when a reminder arrives. You still need to act on it and you know during a hectic day it’s easy to forget. How many times has it popped into mind that you needed to call someone back… two days later. So it’s nice to be able to snooze the a reminder so you have the peace of mind that it’ll come back to you later.

Every reminder in Revere has a “Snooze Drawer” with a variety of options for snoozing: tonight, weekend, next week, etc. There’s also the “Someday Snooze” which will remind you ‘someday’ at 8AM in the next four weeks. The Someday Snooze is great if a reminder isn’t time sensitive – like calling someone to say ‘hello’ – it’s annoying to pick a specific date and time for that.

You can also snooze from the notification which is even faster.

Snooze right from the notification

Snooze right from the notification

Or the Snooze Drawer

Or the Snooze Drawer

Another way to add notes quickly

There’s a feature on iPhones many people don’t know about but can save a lot of time – it’s called ‘3D Touch’. You activate it by pressing down on an app icon, and it reveals a set of quick actions you can go to directly. It’s like a non-stop flight to where you want to go instead of one with stopovers.

Not all apps support this, but Revere does. Press down on the Revere icon and you’ll see a set of Quick Actions. Choose one – adding a note, adding a person, setting a reminder, or searching – and you’ll instantly land in that place in the app.

It’s a nice time-saver that, once you get used to, it’s hard to go back.

*3D Touch is available on iPhone 6S and later

3D Touch-Popup only.gif

Meeting lots of people at the same time

It can be fun to go to events and parties and meet new and interesting people. What’s not fun is forgetting everyone’s names within minutes of meeting them, or re-introducing yourself at the next party because you forgot them.

We’ve all had the experience of somebody remembering us when we didn’t remember them – it’s mortifying.

One reason we forget is that we have trouble distinguishing all the people from one another. That information is in our brains, we just need to be reminded.

Here’s a trick to capture those details so you can remind yourself the next time you meet someone.

One your way to the party, create a “Person“ for it. So if I’m going to a party at Nathan‘s house, I’ll create a person called “Nathan‘s Party”. At the party, use 3D Touch or Siri (when you get a drink or go to the bathroom) to create a quick note for the people you met.

Now, next year, when Nathan throws that same party, search ‘Nathan' and you’ll have all those notes you took right there, ready to blow people’s minds as you remember all those things you talked about.

Dog Park Folks.jpeg

Remember someone's favourite drink

One of the nicest gestures is when someone buys you your favourite drink. There are so many varieties and types that when someone remembers your specific one you can’t help but feel good. Remembering a drink is one of those small gestures that shows genuine care.

Revere is a great place to put a note about how someone takes their coffee, the type of tea they like, or their favourite variety of wine. Then, next time you’re going over for dinner you know exactly what bottle to get; or if you’re meeting for a coffee you can get there early and buy their favourite so it’s there when they arrive.

Bonus tip: Add a little emoji as a ‘garnish’ to make the note stand out.

Favorite Drink.gif

Be prepared for every birthday

There’s nothing like giving someone the perfect gift. When you know you have something they’re going to love, you can’t wait to give it to them. But finding the perfect gift isn’t easy. You have to know the person well and pay attention. And most good gifts take time to find or make so you can’t wait till the last minute.

Here’s how Revere can help.

People are always mentioning things they love – they come up in conversation all the time. “I just love that band,” “I would love to have one of those for my house,” etc. When you hear one of those things, create a note titled “GIFTS” (use an emoji to make it stand out) and add it. Now when it comes time to buy a gift for a birthday or to say thank you, you’ll have a list of great ideas the person will love. And because you never asked them what they wanted, it’ll feel like you read their mind.

Bonus Tip #1: Set a reminder for a few weeks before their birthday so you have enough time to buy the gift. There’s nothing worse than having a great gift idea and but getting the notification too late.  

Bonus Tip #2: Mark gift ideas you’ve bought. It ensures you won’t buy the same thing twice and is a nice journal. 

Gift idea-highlight.png