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Remember people


The notes app for notes about people

Revere is your single, trusted place for all your notes about people. Remember things like your last conversation, someone's favourite drink, or their family members (even pets!). Then set reminders so you never forget to stay in touch, no matter how busy life gets.

 Read the personal story behind Revere

Read the personal story behind Revere

 The social trends putting stress on our relationships

The social trends putting stress on our relationships



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Your notes about people in one place

Takes notes about people and always know where to find them.

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Remember anything

With free-form text entry, create notes about anything: from gift ideas, to how someone likes their coffee, to their big ambitions. Revere can store all of it.

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Never forget to message back

Set reminders to call someone back, check in on a special day, or just to say hello. And if the reminder comes when you’re busy, just snooze it.

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Remember the little things

Surprise someone by remembering their favourite drink, an important milestone, or they’re vegetarian when they come over for dinner.

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Add notes from your browser

With the Revere Chrome extension, you can add notes from your computer as well, so it’s quick to capture a note wherever you are.

The connections we make in the course of a life—
maybe that’s what heaven is
— Mr. Rogers