Be prepared for every birthday

There’s nothing like giving someone the perfect gift. When you know you have something they’re going to love, you can’t wait to give it to them. But finding the perfect gift isn’t easy. You have to know the person well and pay attention. And most good gifts take time to find or make so you can’t wait till the last minute.

Here’s how Revere can help.

People are always mentioning things they love – they come up in conversation all the time. “I just love that band,” “I would love to have one of those for my house,” etc. When you hear one of those things, create a note titled “GIFTS” (use an emoji to make it stand out) and add it. Now when it comes time to buy a gift for a birthday or to say thank you, you’ll have a list of great ideas the person will love. And because you never asked them what they wanted, it’ll feel like you read their mind.

Bonus Tip #1: Use Birthday Pre-Reminders in Revere to set a reminder ahead of time, so you have enough time to buy the gift. There’s nothing worse than having a great gift idea and but getting the notification too late to buy it.  

Bonus Tip #2: Mark gift ideas you’ve bought (like in the photo 👉). It ensures you won’t buy the same thing twice and is a nice journal. 

Gift idea-highlight.png