Meeting lots of people at the same time

It can be fun to go to parties and meet interesting people. What’s not fun is forgetting everyone’s names within minutes of meeting them, or re-introducing yourself at the next party because you forgot them.

We’ve all had the experience of somebody remembering us when we didn’t remember them – it’s mortifying.

One reason we forget is that we have trouble distinguishing all the people from one another. That information is in our brains, we just need to be reminded.

Here’s a trick to capture those details so you can remind yourself the next time you meet someone.

One your way to the party, create a “Person“ for it. So if I’m going to a party at Nathan‘s house, I’ll create a person called “Nathan‘s Party”. At the party, use 3D Touch or Siri (when you get a drink or go to the bathroom) to create a quick note for the people you met.

Now, next year, when Nathan throws that same party, search ‘Nathan' and you’ll have all those notes you took right there, ready to blow people’s minds as you remember all those things you talked about.

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