Remembering groups of people

Groups are a natural way we think about the people we meet: people from the coffee shop, the gym, or a party or conference. It can also be easier to remember people by where we know them from.

Here are some practical tips to use Groups in Revere to better remember people: 

  • Create a group for people you meet in the same location (ex. the dog park or cafe) and next time you’re on your way to the park, open Revere to Dog Park Peeps and quickly refresh your memory

  • Create a group for coffee shop regulars you meet and quickly glance at the names before you arrive – eventually you’ll know them by heart

  • Create a group for people you met at a friend’s party. At next year’s party, you'll have a list of everyone you might meet and impress people when you remember what you last talked about

  • A group for work people is real useful, especially when you’re starting a new job and meeting dozens of people in those first few days

  • Also great for remembering all the new relationships you make at conferences, and for following-up

Dog Park Pro Tip: Include the dog’s name in your notes for someone

Revere Groups.gif