NEW: A free version of Revere

Today Revere becomes available for free with an optional subscription for Premium features. This opens up Revere to more people while creating a sustainable business model so it can grow and be around for many years to come.

The Free Plan – Free, and useful

The free version of Revere represents the core, foundational features to help people build better relationships. It's not a time-limited trial, or cap your usage to force you to upgrade. Instead, it has a rich feature set that is genuinely useful and standalone as it's own app. It includes (among other things) the ability to create unlimited people, notes, and reminders; a place for details like how you met someone and their family members; and all the quick ways to add notes (e.g. voice, 3D Touch, and the Chrome browser extension). The free version will be free forever.

The Premium Plan – Revere with power-ups

The premium version of Revere is like the free version but with power-ups. It includes features that make things a little more convenient and helpful. At launch, the Premium plan includes two features: the ability to organize people into Groups, as well as set Birthday Reminders and Pre-Reminders to send notifications before someone's birthday. This is the starting set of features and more will be added in the future. A subscription automatically gets you all new features. Premium is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, prices vary depending on your country. Tap the upgrade button in the app to see the price where you live.

I always appreciate apps that offer useful free versions. It shows a thoughtfulness and respect towards all their users, not just the ones that will pay. It also shows a confidence in the product being good enough that many of those free users will one day become paying ones because they find so much benefit from it. I hope you find that to be true with Revere.