Using the Chrome Extension

For those of us who work at desks, a notepad is priceless for jotting down an idea or todo before it slips our mind. The Revere Chrome extension is designed to be your notepad for your notes about people.

Installing the extension

1) In the Chrome browser, go to the download page and click “Add to Chrome”

Add to Chrome-extension.png

2) The extension appears in the top right of your browser. Now just log in and start adding notes. All your notes will be added to the Note Inbox in the mobile app. The Chrome extension is currently only for adding notes.



And start adding notes

And start adding notes

Pro Tip – Entering multiple notes quickly

The Chrome extension supports the [Tab] and [Enter] keys for navigating to the save button. When you’ve typed a note, just hit [Tab] then [Enter] to save the note and you’re ready to add another one.


Pro Tip – Set a keyboard shortcut

Productivity nerds might know about this one but you can set a keyboard shortcut for any Chrome extension. This is particularly useful for Revere because you can literally add a note in a few seconds without taking your hands off the keyboard. Here’s how…

Chrome Extension-Keyboard shortcut.gif