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Remember people


Revere is a notes app for notes about people.

Remember things like your last conversation, someone’s favourite drink, or their family members’ names. And set reminders so you never forget to stay in touch, no matter how busy life gets.



  • Unlimited people and notes

  • Adding notes with your voice

  • Reminders with snooze

  • Birthday pre-reminders

  • Upcoming reminders list

  • Fields for how you met and family member names

  • Apple Watch app with complication

  • Import from contacts

  • Search

  • Securely backed up to the cloud

  • Syncing across all your iOS devices

  • Free Chrome extension for your computer


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Your notes about people in one place

Takes notes about people and always know where to find them.

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Remember anything

With free-form text entry, create notes about anything: from gift ideas, to how someone likes their coffee, to their big ambitions. Revere keeps it all.

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Capture quickly

Capture notes at the speed of voice with Siri or the Apple Watch and remember details without interrupting your day.


Remember by group

Organize people by where or how you know them.

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Never forget to reach out

Set reminders to call someone back, check in on a special day, or just to say hello. And if the reminder comes when you’re busy, just snooze it.

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Remember the little things

Surprise someone by remembering their favourite drink, an important milestone, or their family members’ names.

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Capture notes anywhere

With the Revere Chrome extension you can capture notes at your desk if that’s where you spend parts of your day.

The connections we make in the course of a life—
maybe that’s what heaven is
— Mr. Rogers