Using Revere for groups

Group support in Revere is coming so until then here’s a useful way to remember groups of people with the app. The best way to explain it is with an example.

Let’s say you have a dog that you take to the local dog park. You meet a lot of people there but don’t know most of them well, so they’re harder to remember. So, in Revere, create a new person but name it “Dog Park Folks” and add one note for every person (like in the example here) instead of creating a separate person for each one. You now have one place with all the people you might meet when going to the park (or party, or conference, etc.).

Bonus Tip: On your way to the park, party, event… search for your note to quickly refresh your memory before you get there.

Bonus Tip #2: (Dog park only) Include the dog’s name with emoji.

Groups-Dog Park People.gif