Revere (the app for remembering people) goes freemium

Toronto, Canada – June 18, 2019

Today Revere becomes a freemium app and makes it easier for more people to remember names and details about the important people in their lives. Revere is also making it’s first appearance as Apple’s App of the Day in the App Store this week.

Revere is an easy to use app for remembering details about people – like a notes app + reminders app but focused only on relationships. It’s a single trusted place to keep all those important (but easily forgotten) details like someone’s name, family members, gift ideas, your last conversation, or how they take their coffee. These details are key to building genuine, strong relationships, but with all the people we meet it’s easy to forget.

“We’ve all embarrassingly forgotten someone’s name or something about them, and when we do it seems to them like we don’t care, even when we do.” (Mark Rabo, creator of Revere)

In a time where study after study shows social media is distorting our relationships and causing increased isolation and depression, it's more important than ever to build deeper relationships, a key part of which is taking the time to nurture our relationships.

"We are fooling ourselves if we think we can be friends with a few hundred people. Friendships take time to build and it takes genuine care to create a meaningful one." (Mark Rabo, creator of Revere)

Releasing a freemium version of Revere is an important milestone because it means a sustainable business model (more here about our approach to building Revere). Too many apps (especially free ones) are abandoned because the creator wasn’t making any money, leaving users stranded. But our relationships last a lifetime, so you want your notes about them to be around too. Revere’s been designed with sustainability in mind so it can continue to grow for years to come.

The free version of Revere includes a genuinely useful feature set and will be free forever. The ‘Premium’ subscription adds power-ups like Groups, Birthday Pre-Reminders, and all new, upcoming features. Revere is available on iPhone and iPad through the App Store as a free download, with the Premium subscription available as an in-app purchase for $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr.

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About Revere

Revere began as the passion project of Mark Rabo. After struggling for years remembering people, Mark cobbled together his own system of text files, synced folders, and reminders to make notes. It worked, and as he told people about it, he noticed many people were interested because they also struggled remembering people. It was from his need and those conversations that Revere was born.

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