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• RECENT PRESS RELEASE (2019-06-18) •
Revere (the app that helps you remember people) goes freemium


About Revere

Revere is an easy to use app for remembering details about people. Part notes app, part reminders app, it’s a single trusted place to keep all the important (but easily forgotten) info about people you meet – everything from the names of someone’s family, to gift ideas, your last conversation, even how they take their coffee.

Why Revere, why now

Revere comes from the insight that we know more people than ever before, those relationships are more important, and we are busier than ever. It used to be that sales people were the only ones with hundreds of connections, now it’s all of us. Yet there are no tools for the average person to manage their relationships; we’re stuck cobbling together notes apps, calendars, todo lists, Facebook birthday notifications.

The internet and social networks have connected us to more people, we need new tools for keeping those relationships healthy.

Origin story

Revere began as a passion project of Mark Rabo. After struggling for years to remember people, Mark cobbled together a system of text files, synced folders, and reminders where he made notes. It worked, and as he told people about it, he noticed many also struggled with the same problem. It was at this moment that Revere was born with the goal of helping people remember people and build strong relationships.

Three screens in one.png

Remember the little thingS

Keep details like how you met, birthdays, and family members (even pets)

Set reminders

Never forget to reach out; even set early birthday reminders so you have time to buy the perfect gift

All in one place

All your relationships in one place, safely backed up and synced to all your devices

More features

  • Free-form notes to capture whatever information you think is important

  • Dedicated fields for details like family members, where someone works, and how you met

  • Reminders with notifications and snooze so you never forget to reach out

  • Birthday pre-reminders to give you enough time to buy gifts

  • Siri and Apple Watch support for quickly adding notes by voice

  • A Chrome browser extension for adding notes on your computer

  • Many more

Videos and screenshots

Download more screenshots, logos, and other assets here (ZIP file).

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