The trends putting stress on our relationships

We know more people than ever,

They are more important than ever,

And we are busier than ever.

The internet and social networks have connected us to more people than ever before

When we lived on farms over a hundred years ago, we only knew a handful of people in the villages around us. Then we moved into cities and there were more people to know. After that came the internet, and we connected with people we never met in person, and the number of people went up exponentially.

The average person today knows over 600 people, more than any time in human history. And each of those people has a family, career, likes and wants that need to be remembered.


Our relationships are more important than ever

As farmers, we didn’t depend on many people for survival. If we had our family and our land we could live. Modern city life made relationships more important. We depended on money from other people, either as employers paying us or customers buying from us. Today, as we have more jobs in a lifetime, and more people freelance, our livelihood depends increasingly on our relationships – for word-of-mouth advertising or a referral for a job. Who you know and how well matters, but with so many more people to remember, we need help.

Source:  Upwork

Source: Upwork

Our tools aren’t intended for relationships

Calendars, todo lists, notebooks, notes apps, and Facebook. These can all help us remember people, but none of them are built for the task. So we cobble them together – we use Facebook for birthday reminders, notes apps to remember details, and todo lists to remember to call people back. Problem is, managing all these tools is complicated, messy, and time-consuming.

All the tools.png

Hasn’t this problem been solved?

Managing relationships isn’t a new problem. Sales people have been doing it forever – they’re in the business of relationships. Strong relationships are critical to their livelihood. And there is no shortage of tools for them. The problem is, these tools are focused on sales pipelines, closing deals, and hitting targets – things that regular people don’t need. They are also expensive because they’re business tools.

What if there was a tool focused on relationships that regular people had and was affordable? What if there was a single, dedicated place you could put the details about the important people in your life? What if you could access this information anywhere and set reminders about it so you never forgot?

Introducing Revere

Revere is an app to hold all the details about the important people in your life and remind you so you never forget. Remember what people like, their family members’ names, how you met, and what you last talked about. It’s as easy as jotting something on a Post-it, and has the added benefit of being searchable, and synced to all your devices so you have your notes with you always. Revere is the tool to help you nurture and grow your relationships even when life gets busy.

Revere on phones A.png