Revere Officially Launches – Featured in the App Store

In these early days of a project, when there are only a few posts on the blog, every new one is exciting – especially ones like this. 

Today I’m happy to say that Revere has officially launched, and it’s featured in the App Store! What a way to start! 

Revere is a notes app for notes about people. It’s a dedicated place to keep the details about the people you meet — like someone’s family members, where they work, and how you met. And because it’s a notes app, you can create a note for whatever specific thing you want to remember — from gift ideas, to how someone likes their coffee.

Revere began as a personal project. I’d always been bad with names and details about people and it caused me a lot of social anxiety. I would regularly go to events/parties and re-introduce myself to someone or avoid people because I couldn’t remember their names. It got bad enough that I avoided going out if I could.

I looked around for an app to help but everything was focused on business or sales people or hard to use. So I built something for regular people, like me. And it made a huge difference! I would remember people’s names the next time I saw them, I got to know my neighbours and people at the local coffee shop — going out actually became fun. I was that guy who remembered people. For me, having a place to put those names and notes made all the difference.

Revere’s mission is to be the trusted place where everyone keeps the details, memories, and shared experiences that make their relationships deep and meaningful. Only when we spend more time with the important people will we feel more connected. 

So, a big day and just the beginning.

• • • • • • • • • •

Launch press release — Dec 4 2018, Toronto, Canada